Alzheimer Disease Classification Challenge

1. Competition introduction

Alzheimer Disease (AD) is an irreversible neurodegenerative disease. It is one of the biggest health threats for human beings. The exploration of AD image labeling based on brain image has important clinical significance for the early recognition and timely prevention of AD. This competition aims to improve the accuracy of image-based early recognition of Alzheimer Disease, and promote the development and application of artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning and deep learning in brain science, clinical auxiliary diagnosis and other smart medicine industries. A total of 2,600 cases of multi-center, multi-atlas brain image feature data were opened in this competition. Participants will develop and train models based on these datasets and deploy the models on the Huawei Cloud ModelArts platform for evaluation and ranking. Awards will be given according to the ranking situation on the deadline. The winning solution of the competition will have the opportunity to obtain special resources provided by HUAWEI CLOUD to support project transformation and be integrated into the area of brain auxiliary screening in "Huawei Cloud AI Brain Science Platform".

2. Organization

Host: The 4th Chinese Conference on Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision (PRCV 2021)
Undertaker: Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, HUAWEI CLOUD, HUINAO CLOUD, CSIG Brain Mapping Professional Committee, Image Branch of China Association for Alzheimer Disease,CAAD

3. Participants

The competition is open to the whole society. Individuals, universities, research institutes, enterprises and other personnel can register for the competition. Note: If anyone who may be exposed to the contest questions and contest technical support units (such as Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. employees) participates, they will automatically waive their qualifications.

4. Competition details and registration entry

Competition Website:https://competition.huaweicloud.com/information/1000041489/introduction

5. Schedule

  • June 03:Start registration and team formation at 9 am, and announce the competition questions, entry methods and evaluation methods
  • June 08:Training data will be available at 9 a.m.
  • June 09:The submission of works will be opened at 9 am, and the training model will be uploaded in the format specified by the competition. Each team can submit up to 2 times a day to participate in the evaluation
  • August 10:Registration and team formation deadline at 18:00, deadline for submission of works, the top 7 teams on the list will submit their models and explanatory materials to the organizing committee for review
  • September 08:The judges evaluate the models, codes and explanatory materials submitted by each team in accordance with the regulations of the competition, announce the results of the competition, and determine the final ranking
  • October 29-November 01:During the 4th Chinese Conference on Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision (PRCV 2021), a workshop will be held to introduce competition methods and award prizes