TAL Table Recognition Challenge

1. The purpose and significance of the competition

As an efficient way of data organization and presentation, table is one of the most important data objects in a document page. Tables are widely distributed in educational scenes and there are many types. The restoration of the table structure and the identification of the content can help the computer to better understand the table. It has very important application value in the production of teaching and intelligent answers.
With the rapid development of deep learning technology, many new advances have been made in target detection, OCR, and document structure recognition technologies, providing a variety of possible solutions for table recognition. This question focuses on form recognition technology in education scenarios, provides educational scenario datasets and test platforms, and conducts research on table recognition tasks. We very much welcome researchers from academia and industry to join the challenge and conduct in-depth discussions and cooperation together.

2. Organization

Organizer: Tomorrow Advancing Life(TAL) AI Research Institute; National Open Innovation Platform for Next Generation Artificial Intelligence on Smart Education
Guidance: The 4th Chinese Conference on Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision (PRCV 2021)

3. Participant requirements

1)Officially registered teachers of each training unit
2)Graduate students and doctoral students
3)Domestic research groups and enterprises

4. Competition details and registration entry

Competition Website:https://www.heywhale.com/home/competition/606d6fff0e04ac0017c3bf7f

5. Schedule

  • June 01-June 27:Release Competition question: The organizing committee announces the competition task, entry method and evaluation method on the website
  • June 01-June 27:Registration: Team registration and qualification confirmation
  • June 28-June 30:Release data set: The organizing committee completes the preparation of training samples and verification samples on the website and announces to the participating teams. Each team downloads via the Internet, and conducts algorithm debugging in the team’s own software and hardware environment
  • July 01-September 05:Start competition: Each team completes the task within the specified time and uploads the result to the specified location in the specified format
  • September 06-September 08:Results evaluation: The organizing committee announces the test data set of the competition, and the judges verify the results of each team's program execution according to the prescribed evaluation method, evaluate the results, and compare the ranking of each team
  • October 29-November 01:During the 4th Chinese Conference on Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision (PRCV 2021), a workshop will be held to introduce competition methods and award prizes

6. Contact information

Competition exchange group of QQ: 995218747