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Submission Notes:

  • The paper must be in English and unpublished, with a maximum length of 12 pages (including references), using Springer LNCS templates;
  • The paper should include title, abstract, key words, main text and references (Note: the paper should be anonymous, without author information);
  • For the paper with student (excluding postdoctoral and on-the-job postgraduate) as the first author, please note in the footnotes on the front page, otherwise it will not be qualified to participate in the "excellent student paper".
  • Springer LNCS Templates (Note: have updated to be anonymous):

    LaTeX2e Proceedings Templates (zip)

    Microsoft Word Proceedings Templates (zip)

Topics of interest (include, but not limited to)

  • Pattern Classification and Clustering
  • Structural Pattern Recognition
  • Machine learning
  • Neural Network and Deep Learning
  • Feature Extraction and Selection
  • Computer Vision Theory
  • Low-level Vision, Image Processing
  • 3D Computer Vision and Reconstruction
  • Computational Photography, Sensing and Display
  • Document Analysis and Recognition
  • Character Recognition
  • Face Recognition and Gesture Recognition
  • Performance Evaluation and Benchmark Datasets
  • Object Detection, Tracking and Recognition
  • Action Recognition
  • Multimedia Analysis
  • Biomedical Image Processing and Analysis
  • Biometrics Recognition
  • Remote Sensing Image Interpretation
  • Optimization and Learning methods
  • Multimodal Information Processing
  • Vision Analysis and Understanding
  • Vision Applications and Systems
  • Vision For Robots and Autonomous Driving

Important Dates